A day in the life
A day
in the life
Meet Sunil,
11 years old, from Kanpur.
On the way to school,   ___Sunil checks his timetable on his phone to figure out when he’ll have time to revise for his after-lunch Maths assessment.
___Sunil makes it into class a few minutes late, but his teacher easily corrects his attendance with a single tap.

Otherwise, his parents would have needed to justify his absence.
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___Sunil turns on his tablet.
As he follows the lesson,
he takes notes...
...and answers the questions his teacher periodically initiates to keep everyone engaged.
___Sunil wolfs down his meal and decides to take a quick, 20-minute adaptive quiz to prepare for his Maths test.
Test time
Test time
Test time
Test time
Test time
Test time
Test time
Test time
Test time
Test time
Thanks to automated grading, the teacher only needs 30 minutes to give each student personalised feedback once she’s finished supervising the test.
As the day finishes and the students get ready to leave, ___Sunil checks the result of his test.
Check Sunil's result
grade result
Yay! It’s an A-, and with his teachers feedback, there’s a good chance he can get an A+ on the next assessment.
Once at home,
S______un pulls up his homework diary.
With the help of his classmates and teachers in the homework chat, he’s able to get all his work done...
...just in time to watch his favourite player bat a century!
From automated timetables and grading to engaging, in-class learning elements, Edufront provides value to every pillar of your school’s ecosystem.

This was just a glimpse into the power of Edufront—seen through the eyes of our student Sunil—continue on exploring all you can achieve with Edufront.
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