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Integrating education technology with your school has never been simple. From admin headaches and costly hardware integrations to teaching and learning tools that hinder rather than help, Indian schools have struggled to find a solution that effectively meets their needs.
That’s why we built Edufront.
That’s why we built Edufront. Our system is a complete solution that can handle every aspect of your school’s day-to-day operations
Thanks to our wide range of local partners, we also help with things like installing a reliable Internet connection or negotiating bulk hardware purchases.
Most importantly of all, Edufront is suitable for schools of all shapes and sizes.
We believe that effective education should be a right, not a privilege, which is why we spared no effort in ensuring that our solution would be a perfect fit for schools all over India.

Meet our board of advisors.

Professor J.S Rajput
One of the Nation’s most distinguished education advocates. Former Director of NCERT, Chairman of the NCTE, and the Joint Advisor to the Indian Government on Education.
Geeta Dharmaranjan
Writer, editor, and visionary educator, as well as the current Executive Director of the Katha Foundation.
Ghanshyam Dass
Chairman for FIG Consultants, having previously worked as the successful CEO of The British Bank of the Middle East and HBSC Group Wells & Fargo in NA.
Dilip Cherian
India’s groundbreaking “Image Guru”, as well as the former Editor of Business India and the Co-Founder of Perfect Relations.
K.J. Alphons
A national thought leader in education, having co-authored the New Education Policy. He also serves as an MP at Rajya Sabha and previously worked as the Union Minister of Culture for Tourism.
Anurag Batra
Renowned throughout the Indian business landscape for being the Chairman of BW Businessworld, Founder and Chairman of Exchange4media, and the Director of MDI Gurgaon.
Seema Jhingan
Recipient of Partner of the Year at the BW Business Awards, in addition to being the Founder of Parivartan and Senior Partner & Co-Founder at LexCounsel.
S. Regunethan
A former Chief Secretary of Delhi. S. Regunathan is also a board member of Indraprastha Medical Corporation, MGRM Net Limited.

Impact through strong partnerships.

For when you need hardware, infrastructure improvements, or anything else  necessary for your school’s transformation, we can help you via our network of reputable local partners.
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